Social Media

Just when the world had grown weary of commercialization and cynical about the integrity of corporations, social media has ushered in a new era.

I call this the “democratization of marketing” Instead of old marketing gimmicks and superficial business/customer relationships, companies can engage in a forthright, direct and honest dialog with their customers and build stronger, more personalized and meaningful relationships. And whether a company wants to construct a valuable web resource for local customers, or tell the world about their fabulous products, they can do so at a far lower cost than has been possible until now.

This doesn’t mean that consumers don’t still have their guard up, or that all corporate players in the social media environment are interacting with integrity. And in fact, companies that prove to be dishonest will be “outed” more quickly and resoundingly than ever. But it provides a window of opportunity for good companies large and small that offer quality products and services to reach out to those who value what they offer.

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