Logos and Branding

At some point in his or her career, every graphic designer is told…

“I’m sorry, but we’ve looked over your portfolio, and we just don’t think your style matches what we’re looking for.”

Perhaps the best, and least uttered response would be…

“Of course you don’t see what you’re looking for in our portfolio, because I haven’t worked for you yet!”

Good graphic design really has nothing to do with the designer’s personal style OR preferences. It has everything to do with whatever it is the client needs to communicate.

The professional experienced in developing and evolving corporate identity and branding is not just a well-trained graphic artist, but part psychologist, part market researcher, part art historian, part media expert…and yes, part artist. Developing the visual components of logos and brands is truly a blend of science and art.

And while visuals like a logo or a brand color palette may be the first thing people think of when they hear the word, “brand”,  the visuals are neither the starting point nor the end of the branding process. There is always a story at the core of a strong brand, and it’s often one that cannot be told with merely a logo and some color alone.

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